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Being a member of this organization has its benefits!


Members of the Upper Canada Chapter received over $10,000 of scholarships and awards in 2019 alone, and have developed excellent, professional relationships that have assisted in the realization and development of aviation-based goals.


Additionally, many awesome friendships have been made during our different social gatherings, and we have given back to our community through our annual outreach events! Members can also access exclusive job boards, and mentoring opportunities!

Are you interested in becoming a member of Women in Aviation, International and joining the Upper Canada Chapter? Follow these three easy steps to join this rewarding organization and connect with our amazing chapter members!


Step 1: Join Women in Aviation, International

Click the image below to get your WAI organization membership! 

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Step 2: Complete the Registration Form and Chapter Dues

To let us know your intent to join our chapter, click the link below to fill out and submit your registration form and chapter dues. 

Step 3: You are Now a Member!

Once we receive your registration form and reconcile your chapter dues, we will reach out to you to officially welcome you to the Upper Canada Chapter!

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