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Congratulations Asti and Sue!

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

During the summer of 2019, our VP, Asti Livingston, and her friend Susan Begg, participated in the 43rd Air Race Classic (ARC). This was an exceptional experience, as the ARC had stops in Canada for the first time in its prestigious history, and these ladies were the only team representing Canada.

Asti and Sue represented Canada and our inclusive culture by assisting different teams in several different ways, but mostly when it came to ensuring aviation safety. These ladies were presented with the Most Congenial Team Award, for their willingness to assist other teams, even if that meant putting them at a disadvantage.

Asti also won the Rookie Award for writing the best essay on "Why I Fly". These women are showing their passion for aviation by participating in fun, challenging, and exciting events that are designed to promote general aviation flying and friendship.

Congratulations, Asti and Sue!

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